the journey to Sicily of excellence

Grand Tour Gin

The Grand Tour is the journey of excellence and Sicily its final destination; Christian Sciglio has created the recipe capable of returning all the intense nuances and suggestions that characterize both the path and the destination.

The product


The Grand Tour was the journey of excellence, the one destined to the perfection of knowledge and culminating with a visit to Sicily. Christian Sciglio, in the role of alchemist, overturns destination and origin, creating the recipe capable of giving back the suggestion of Sicily and the intense nuances that characterize it.

Tasting notes


A gin of great complexity and perfect balance born to modernize the tradition without distorting it.


The straw yellow color is given by the natural infusions of juniper tomatoes and capers, also giving the nose intense aromas.


The alcoholic potency conquers the tastebuds without overwhelming them, leaving space for an enveloping imprint of Mediterranean resins and botany.


Excellent for the most classic gin and tonic, excellent in negroni and martini cocktail, or to be appreciated pure.


Grand Tour Gin takes a top place in the kitchen, and promises to become a favorite of chefs who like to combine dishes with drinks.

The nettle of the plain of Catania

L’ortica è una pianta erbacea che trova il suo habitat perfetto nella piana di Catania, una delle pianure più fertili dell’intero Mediterraneo. Il gusto dell’ortica conferisce al gin note: amarognole, pungenti, erbacea e balsamiche.

The tomato of Pachino

Pomodoro di Pachino Secco conferisco al gin delle caratteristiche organolettiche distintive e sapore dolce con retrogusto salato.

The caper of Salina

I capperi di Salina regalano al gin note caratterizzate da compattezza, profumo, uniformità, capaci di sprigionare tutte le note secche e sapide dell’isola di Salina.

The Cola apple of Etna

La mela cola dell’Etna conferisce al distillato note dolci, acidule, succosa e lievemente profumate.

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